Hey There!

I hope you are excited about learning information to help you on your journey to a bold Christianity and conquering Identity Abuse!  

The more effort you put into the program and apply the teachings the higher the likelihood of personal success.  Sadly, I cannot make anyone learn or lean in to the teachings.  Therefor, I cannot promise you a specific outcome.  However, those who have completed the process have found extremely useful information and profound courage to walk in their calling as a Confident Christian.

In order to provide a tad of accountability I have limited the length of time to access the course in hopes it will inspire you to be consistent in your engagement.  Similar to the mini-coaching program, you will have 90 days to complete the content.

If you feel you need deeper help or professional counseling do not hesitate to contact a professional near you.  This course is not intended to replace traditional professional marriage and family therapy, or psychiatry.

May God grant you wisdom and peace as you journey toward Him!

~Pastor Elaine